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Welcome to JCK Creative Copywriting, Ecommerce, Marketing and Sales

Welcome to JCK Creative Copywriting, Ecommerce, Marketing and Sales

Welcome to JCK Creative Copywriting, Ecommerce, Marketing and SalesWelcome to JCK Creative Copywriting, Ecommerce, Marketing and SalesWelcome to JCK Creative Copywriting, Ecommerce, Marketing and Sales

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Editing and Copy Creation Services

I offer a quick and inexpensive way to populate your website, Facebook page or E-commerce website with relative content.  I  have extensive experience in content management, social networking, internet marketing and intellectual property management. 

I specialize in creating and managing eCommerce sites on  Ebay, Etsy and Facebook business pages. 


  •  Jay Kohn and I worked together for nearly 10 years during my time as Editorial Director at World Publications and later, Bonnier Corporation. We worked directly on one project, Kiteboarding magazine for three years in the mid-2000's. This was during a crucial era in publishing as were tasked with morphing print-only magazines into multi-platform digital media brands. During this time, Jay was always an essential partner in taking a project from start to finish, or better yet, overtaking a floundering project and quickly making it work. From large-scale content creation to managing a team of web developers, Jay was a rare combination of being highly creative but also the go-to guy for getting things done. I enthusiastically recommend him for any media project.  Sincerely,  Tom James


  • Jay has done proofreading to our new website www.revitalvision.com
    He did an excellent work, very professional and with very high availability to meet our deadline needs. We are very happy with his work and we will definitely hire him again. He is highly recommended.
    Yair Yahav
    Talshir Medical Technologies Ltd


  • Jay was very helpful in the launch of our English language Accessibility website, Nagich.com. Jay translated from Hebrew, researched technical information and created original content that describes our services for the hearing and vision impaired.  
    Nir Havo - Owner /Developer

Editing , Content Creation, Product Descriptions for Marketing

Quick and COST EFFECTIVE COPYWRITING for COMPANY WEBSITES, FACEBOOK PAGES,  and all eCommerce platforms such as ETSY and eBay. Specialty fields: writer editing marketing

Our Mission

 Making sure you are represented well through words. 

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About Me

Writing and Marketing


 I have over 20 years experience writing company profiles, product descriptions and social network promotions for startups and company websites. 


My personal writing experience includes Academic writing – I have produced many papers including a 90-page thesis for a Masters in Modern Middle East History.

Journalist and magazines- I spent 8 years writing and editing for a magazine company where I had the opportunity to contribute to an eclectic range of Titles that included Travel, Cooking, Fishing and Surfing publications.

Today I contribute to a couple online surf publications including the Inertia.com 

 Freelance- I have worked on dozens of projects for writing text for personal business pages, eCommerce sites, as well as marketing and high-tech copy for Company websites.

My writing roots



My writing roots stem from growing up with a father who worked as an Engineer at NASA and whose true love was space journalism and science fiction.  I was basically taught and have since always believed that being able to express ideas on paper is important. Possessing the ability to write well is always a worthwhile skillset in any job setting or personal pursuit.


My style



My writing is style is informative and simple.

I try to get the message across in an entertaining way, but not with too much fluff and unnecessary sales jargon.
I believe the best way to success is to tell it like it is and if your straight forward and have a good product success is sure to follow .

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